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our landmark series “Deea’ Daee’a” created a new concept of comedy based not only on creative dialogue but also on actually devising a whole new dialect which combined the humorous side of several Syrian dialects and charmed Arab viewers,becoming a modern-day classic that is still in high demand 10 years after its production.

Pan-Arab Drama:
“Lou’bat Al Mawt ”,based on an adapted script and produced in 2012, revived the almost-forgotten trend of bringing together numerous A-star actors from different Arab countries (Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon) .The huge success of the series prompted several other producers to follow our footpath in recent years.
Period dramas
based on actual recent tribal histories connected history with modern times.

Pan-Arab Drama:
Syrian Drama: “Khoumasyat Al Gharam”, based on original scripts written by very well-known Syrian writers and produced early 2016. This series is the third part of Ahl Al Gharamwhich was a huge success when it was produced back in 2008.